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Our Terms And Conditions Directed Towards Maintaining Quality And Customer Satisfaction

Buying the virgin Indian hair from our company means that you will be getting genuine products. All of our products are prepared in workshops with regular quality checks, of best quality. So, our customers will be getting the exact product that has been ordered. This is also applicable for the purchases from the online stores.

Since the hair products are sensitive objects, once opened from the packages, these should be returned within 7 days of purchase, in order to maintain the integrity, although we assure that all the products are conditioned and treated with best quality materials.

Any information shared with our international hair company for your purchase of Indian hair weave is confidential and will not be used by any third party or for promotional needs of other companies apart from our own. Privacy policies are best secured and monitored by our company to the best extent possible.

All the products shown or promoted with regards to virgin Indian hair in Indian Hair Company are of the best quality and will be considered to be our product, unless clearly mentioned.

Keeping the terms and conditions in mind, you can proceed for dealing with our company and placing orders as per your requirements.



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